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The purpose of this website is to provide you with an early insight into the Vowles Family’s emerging plans to redevelop Coombe Farm as a ‘bungalow homes’ residential development.

As you may or may not be aware, this land has been allocated by North Somerset in its site-options plan for potential residential development. This does not mean that it would automatically be granted planning permission - but its status as an allocated site will be taken into close consideration if a planning application is submitted.

From Mike Vowles (The owner of the site)…

“We have been involved with this land for over 30 years and at present have our business offices and a self-storage facility located on the site. Not surprisingly, following its allocation for residential development, I have been approached by several national house builders who are interested in developing the land for general housing. As I live near the site, I’m reluctant to take that option as they would clearly be seeking to maximise their investment - so it’s likely that their proposals would be of pretty high density. Developing it myself would allow me to retain full management of the completed estate. I envisage a low-density development, well landscaped with an enhanced ‘green footprint’.

I have already invited my nearest neighbours for their initial comments and will continue to discuss things with them as we progress through the application process.

It’s important to note that this layout may be subject to change as the application process progresses.”

Masterplanning the Layout…

Layout Proposal

Layout Proposal

site boundary

site boundary

It will be submitted as a Full Planning Application – not an Outline. The site will accommodate a total of 55 single-storey bungalow dwellings all of which will have allocated parking spaces.

The masterplan for the site is the product of a number of technical studies relating to its inherent nature and characteristics - and an assessment of the opportunities and constraints for its development. The documents to be submitted as part of the completed planning application and will include:

Flooding and drainage…
An assessment of the existing and proposed surface water generated from the site, within a document called the Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy. As the title suggests, the proposals within it seek to show how the applicant will ensure that the surface water is carefully discharged and managed and doesn’t cause any flooding problems within the area.

Traffic and highways…
An assessment of the amount of traffic generated by the development and its impact, within a document entitled Transport Assessment. In this case, the on-site roads will remain private rather than public. The availability of public transport for those wishing or needing to travel without the use of a car is also addressed.

Ecology and wildlife…
The importance of ecological matters including wildlife is the subject of careful assessment, within the Ecological Impact Assessment. This will not only seek to protect but also enhance wildlife habitats on the site and, together with the landscape provisions (the subject of another separate report), play a key role in determining whether the proposed layout is acceptable. It will also demonstrate how the applicant intends to provide for the long-term management and upkeep of sensitive wildlife habitats and ecological areas in accordance with best practice principles.

Landscape and the AONB…
The Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment analyses responds to the considered guidance on the protection, management and maintenance of the landscape setting of the site (as it abuts the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and its trees and hedgerows.

Design and Access…
As required for all such proposals, a Design and Access Statement has been prepared to show how the design has taken account of the constraints and used the opportunities for the site based upon these other documents. It further explains how the design has evolved and the reasoning for the proposals put forward.

The Planning Process…

The project’s planning consultants will shortly submit the completed application.

Once North Somerset Council is satisfied that it has all of the information it requires, it will initiate its formal planning process. This will include liaison with a range of statutory consultees covering everything from flooding and drainage to traffic, highways and wildlife.

It will also seek the views of the Parish Council. Local residents will also be invited to record their comments. This process will normally take 13 weeks at which point the application will be determined by North Somerset Council’s Planning & Regulatory Committee.

If the committee decides to refuse the application, then the applicant will be able to Appeal the decision to the Secretary of State.

Example Bungalow... Explore the interior of a typical bungalow!

Click on this link for an opportunity to ‘walk through’ a typical example of the type of bungalow that we are proposing to include on our new development at Coombe Farm.

Virtual walk through tour

Artists Impression of Proposed Single Story Bungalows & High Quality Landscaping

Artists Impression of Proposed Single Story Bungalows & High Quality Landscaping

Real Life Examples of Existing Bungalows & Landscaping on Sister Sites

Real Life Examples of Existing Bungalows & Landscaping on Sister Sites

Do you have any friends, neighbours or colleagues who'd like to comment on this proposal?

What's your view?

The views of local residents can often be helpful in guiding and informing the design of the development. We would be grateful for your written comments and any we receive will be included in a Statement of Community Involvement that will be submitted to the Council with the completed application. We look forward to hearing from you.

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